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Enrollment in Hekate's Finishing School is based on a reserved seat system. While the school is online, we limit more popular classes on a first come, first enrolled basis in order to make sure the website can handle the amount of traffic at any given time. By enrolling in this free course, you will preserve your 'spot in line' in the order that witches have signed up. This does not obligate you to any costs, no payment is required to hold a spot in line. By enrolling in this class, you reserve your spot but you also get information on frequently asked questions about the school and have a chance to ask questions as well. Some classes will be opened early for some of the first witches in line to get feedback as we near our Grand Opening as well.

If you are currently an Ambassador for HFS, through the Lifetime Membership program, your seat is already reserved! If you would like more information on the Lifetime Membership program, you can find it under Tuition & Scholarships for this class. 

By signing up, you are not obligated to any payments. You will get information on HFS, the upcoming curriculum, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Early Enrollment plus a Donation

This is a one -time donation. It is not a tuition payment. You may set the donation amount to any amount $0.50 or above. Choosing this option includes early enrollment into the full scholarship program. Thank you for choosing to donate what you can towards the future HFS.


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The HeadWitch of HFS, providing the core curriculum of HFS, community facilitator, event coordinator, and administrative lead. 

"Ask questions and share your experiences so we can learn together."