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Who can participate in the Full Scholarship?


How many Full Scholarships are available?

Every student has access to a Full Scholarship. There is no limit on the number of Full Scholarships available at HFS.

What happens if NO witches make contributions?

We will do our best to keep the school open for as long as possible. Founding Witches have already made contributions and we believe that witches will continue to make contributions when they are able, so that we can keep this resource available for witches everywhere. We believe in our community and that we will come together to support this school.

How do I know if I have been approved for a Full Scholarship?

Enroll in the HFS Enrollment Information class / tour. You will get information on the school, ability to give feedback, and you will be immediately enrolled in the Full Scholarship program automatically. There is no application or approval process. Any witch that would like to attend HFS is automatically enrolled in the Full Scholarship.

I signed up for the HFS Enrollment Information class / tour but I don't see my classes

HFS is not officially open until 2020. We are not ready for a full class of students. But it does take money to run a school and we have had witches offer to make contributions to help this school become a reality. In thanks for their kind contributions, we have created the Founding Witch designation. Founding Witches making contributions do have early access to classes and are able to give us early feedback to help us make the school an amazing experience and resource for the community. 

However, HFS is still closed for students until we officially open.

Please be patient with us as we prepare this amazing resource for a worldwide community of witches.

If HFS isn't ready until 2020, why should I pre-enroll for the scholarship program?

A few reasons.

  1. It helps us see if witches actually want this school. Your pre-enrollment is a vote of 'Yes I want this' from the witching community.
  2. It helps us plan our online resources. The more students we have, the more our website will need to accomodate. Your pre-enrollment helps us prevent website crashing, crowded classes, etc when we open.
  3. Pre-enrolled students, Full Scholarship students included, are able to participate in small 'early feedback' programs for individual classes. You're able to get an early look at some classes and we're able to get your feedback on what you like and what could be improved. 
  4. By being pre-enrolled, you'll get email updates on how HFS is changing / preparing for our opening day and get email reminders when we get closer to the school opening so you can start planning for your classes.
  5. The order that students pre-enroll will determine seat priority if we have problems with the stability of the website due to too many students attempting to join at one time (see point #2 on planning for resources). The earlier you pre-enroll, the better.   

Do I lose my scholarship if I choose to make a monthly contribution for a time?

No. No one loses their scholarship. Your classes will unlock on schedule with your scholarship program as normal. If you choose to make a contribution, you will be able to attend unlimited classes and able to 'class hop' to more advanced classes. If you are no longer in a financial position to make a monthly contribution, you will be able to cancel your contribution and pick up where you left off in your scholarship program.

Can I start with a Full Scholarship and choose Lifetime Membership later?

Unfortunately, Lifetime Membership will not be an enrollment option for ANY witches once HFS opens.

Lifetime Membership is specifically for Founding Witches that make a contribution prior to HFS opening, to help us get this resource out into the world. Once HFS opens, no Lifetime Memberships will be offered and no additional Founding Witches will be added to HFS. 

However, once HFS opens there will be a Full Access monthly contribution available on a recurring monthly basis. There will not be any one-time contribution options once HFS opens. Students are welcome to switch between Full Scholarship and Full Access enrollment as they wish.

Why are you offering a Full Scholarship to anyone and everyone?

Because we are the witches that stand between worlds. But being a gatekeeper of knowledge is an invention of man.

Well learned witches know that our knowledge is not ours. We are responsible for passing on this knowledge to the next generation. And what better way to prove it - than to do it.

We cannot let witchcraft struggle in the shadows any longer.

Witches have to step up and make this happen.

And I said - please, let someone else do it. That's a lot of work.

And the universe said 'When have you ever been scared... of doing the hard work that needs to be done?'

There's work to be done, witches.

By all of us.

Now is the time.

Stand in your power.