This School area is undergoing constant changes.

We are reorganizing resources, restructructuring lessons and classes, and moving things around often as we look for the best possible experience for our students. Thank you for your patience as we experience these changes.

As we get closer to the opening of HFS, we will be open to reports of any technical issues and will be working closely with students to ensure all areas are as they should be.

Because the school is going through so many drastic changes, please only contact support if you are having issues with your login credentials or registration / purchase process.

No classes are currently available to scholarship students.

Founding Witches will have early access but that access and experience will be limited as we continue to bring this school together.

Click Here for Founding Witch Membership

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Again, reach out to support at [email protected] if you have any issues with becoming a Founding Witch or making a donation.

August 24th Updates:

  • HFS Founding Witch Membership will not have a 12 month payment plan available after August 30th 2019.

The Founding Witch contribution that has been on 'early discount' for early supporters will notice that August 30th the early-supporter discount will be decreasing as we have made a great deal of progress in the HFS student portal and classes are beginning to come together.

  • The Founding Witch contribution for new witches will be $200 on August 30th.